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Art Alternatives Artist’s Manikin
2014, June 3
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An artist mannequin is said to be an essential tool for learning artists looking to master the human anatomy and gestures. Art Alternative will be under the spotlight to see if its mannequin can deliver.

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Exploring Sculpey Part 1 (Making a Pendant)
2014, January 4
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Sculpting seems to be an intimidating art, but Sculpey makes it easier than most of us think. This article shows us just how easy it is, and how it is all about taking the first step.

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Jullian Travel Deluxe Table Easel (Chevalet de Table TRAVEL Deluxe)
2013, February 14
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I’ve always wanted a portable easel to save some space and draw or paint on the go. Recently, I was able to get my hands on the Jullian tabletop easel. Hit the jump for my thoughts on the easel after spending some time with it.

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Interview with Fil Delacruz
2011, August 25
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Earlier on, I mentioned wanting to attend an art workshop at the Artists Gallery, Philippines. I pushed through with it, and It was there I met Fil Delacruz, who was kind enough to let me interview him.

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Getting to know your pencils
2011, June 27
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The pencil may be the most basic art medium, but a lot of us still do not know it quite like we should. This article introduces the pencil’s origin, types, and grades, helping us understand this often neglected tool.

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